Castello’s Lunch at the Inn

Castello’s Lunch at the Inn

Burgers and Sandwiches include a side of fries……. $8.99

SoCal Classic: Coming at you with that west coast flare!!! All the fresh with a truly special sauce, this burger is the like of the greatest. With grilled onion, cheese, tomato and lettuce, this burger is simple, but topped with our secret weapon….. That SoCal Sauce!

CowBoy: Saddle up for an experience and a half! Roping in your appetite with some hardy beer battered onion rings because let’s face it, this barbecue burger will be sure to hit the spot. Throw in cheese and two slices of mouthwatering bacon and you have a deal that can’t be beat!

Breakfast B.E.T.: Miss breakfast? Don’t fret, we got a little something for you too! This bacon, egg white, and tomato sandwich served with cheese all on a toasted bagel will surely hit the spot. I can B.E.T. on it!!

Cheese Steak: We all love a good cheese steak, request just the meat and cheese or go all the way with peppers and onions and your mouth will be to occupied to talk!

Breakfast Burrito: From your choice of sausage, bacon, or steak you truly won’t be missing out on your favorite meal of the day.

Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich: Hand breaded to order, this chicken breast is treated as though it is being made for mum. Served with lettuce, tomato and pickle. Feel free to request your sandwich be topped with any of our fine sauces.



8 count - $8.99 | 12 count – $12.99 | 16 count - $15.99


• Extract Heat sauce
• Zebra (sweet heat wing meat)
• Bourbon Gold
• Sweet Baby Rays (can’t compete with an all-time classic)
• Orange Pepper Glaze
• Dry Rub (our favorite blend of seasonings that will make your mouth water)


The Orange Glazed Sweet

chicken ($8.99), mahi-mahi ($12.99), or salmon ($10.99)

Your choice of chicken ($8.99), mahi-mahi ($12.99), or salmon ($10.99) served on a bed of fresh chopped Iceberg lettuce. Accompanied by mandarin oranges, red onions, sliced almonds and Feta cheese. Topped off by a plentiful drizzle of our in house Orange Pepper Sauce.

Chicken Bacon Ranch


Hand Chopped Iceberg lettuce under our grilled chicken, bacon and house ranch. Topped off with provel cheese, this salad has all the makings of a true staple in a menu.

House Salad


keep it simple with a house salad. Cherry tomato, red onion, cheese and lettuce. You can’t go wrong. (feel free to upcharge if you would like to add anything atop) $5.99


Loaded Fries


Stand alone or loaded up these fries are truly brought to you with your wildest dreams in mind. Make your own masterpiece atop your little piece of heaven. Anything on the menu you can add to your fries. Start off with the cheese on house for you then “TRY US” from sauces, to meats, to veggies, you can have it all……. For the right price ^.^

Additional toppings:

- Add bacon, chicken, steak, or hamburger for $2
- Add sautéed bell peppers, onions, garlic for $1
- Your favorite sauce for $.50